How To Get A Bonus Bingo Card

🎂  Get an extra bingo card during your birthday week! Your bonus birthday card can be claimed at all in-person Cerrito Bingo events (including Music Bingo nights) that fall within seven days before or after your birthday. Valid ID is required for those over 18.

🐶 All players with a dog present get a bonus bingo card for their canine companion once a month on Bring Your Dog to Bingo Day. Check for the next scheduled event.

🐰 Everyone dressed as a bunny will get a bonus bingo card on Easter Sunday at Celtic Crossing.

💋 Wear pink and get a bonus card during Mean Girls Bingo on Sunday, April 24 at Celtic Crossing.

👩‍🍼 All moms get a bonus bingo card on Mother’s Day at Celtic Crossing.

👨‍👦 All dads get a bonus bingo card on Father’s Day at Celtic Crossing.

Check back here often to see more opportunities to double your luck with an extra bingo card.