Virtual Cerrito Bingo

Join Kevin Cerrito for FREE virtual bingo once a month on Twitch.

Register on Eventbrite to get your free bingo card emailed to you.

**NEW: All players must have their own Twitch username and their own email address in order to win. People in the same household can NOT play from the same username. Sign up for your free Twitch account here.**


  • Play along live for free from the comfort of your own home at
  • It is recommended players use two devices: one for thier virtual card and another one for the live Twitch stream.
  • Sign up to play weekly on Eventbrite. The card link will be on the bottom of your Order Confirmation email from Eventbrite. 
  • All Cerrito Patrons are now automatically registered and can skip the weekly sign ups. Become a patron at
  • A free Twitch account is required to win. Make sure you are signed up and following before the start of the game.
  • One bingo card per person/Twitch username/email address. Players must enter his/her Twitch username and a valid email address on their virtual card in order to be eligible to win prizes. All cards without a unique Twitch username and email will automatically be deleted.
  • Bingo cards are locked until one hour prior to the start of the game. Log on then to create your free card to use for the night. Cards are again locked during play and unlocked in between rounds
  • The middle space is the Free Space presented by Smoothie King.
  • Listen for the rules to each round.
  • Cerrito Patrons vote on the Round 2 pattern every week. Become a patron at
  • If you have a winning pattern, use your Twitch account to call bingo in the chat.
  • In the event of a tie, whoever calls bingo first is the winner of the prize.
  • Limit one win per person per night.
  • Winners must appear live on the stream to claim the prize
  • View the current Virtual Cerrito Bingo prize list here.